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About Jumbuck

In Jumbuck, our efforts are aimed to assure the well being of the little ones. We would like you to come, visit us, and give us the chance to show you our educational plan and materials, and the best facilities where your kid will feel completely free and comfortable; and you with the confidence that your little one is in the best hands.

Jumbuck Principles

Our Jumbuck Program is designed to motivate kids to be proactive and to be involved in their learning process. We identify the aptitude and abilities of each kid so they can use them as tools for research and exploration.

We truly believe that kids learn better through games; they have time to discover, build and practice and idea, make decisions, create their own opinion, take risks, experience achievements and learn from mistakes.

Our educational program and school environment will raise awareness in kids with the care and love to our planet, as well as providing them with the same opportunities to be included in modern society.

Jumbuck Education Levels

Education Levels

  • Jumbuck Infant Care

    Infant Care

    Jumbuck has as a goal, to walk with your kids in the adaptation and detachment process, using progressive and subtle skills that involve parents during this process.

    Through games, music, language and mental exercises in a fun and welcoming environment, Jumbuck makes sure that kids can express, share and explore in a comprehensive manner.

    Our priority is to encourage children’s self-confidence and develop their self-esteem in a 100% safe environment, where they can live their first social experiences.

    All together, the facilities, methodology, and certified pre-school teachers, create the foundation to begin their school life.

    Jumbuck Prematernal
  • Maternal

    Toddler program

    At this point our children already have a significant cognitive, personal, social, moral and psychomotor development.

    In this period our children have a breakthrough in the native language, Jumbuck uses the second language to implement the AMCO methodology which is 100% English in combination with a third language, French.

    This methodology is based on a program of activities where children learn by playing, singing and experiencing.

    Jumbuck Maternal
  • Ludoteca


    A space for your little ones where time is transformed in meaningful learning and human development, this space provides professional educational services, in addition to providing security and tranquility to their parents while they do their personal activities.

    Designed for childrens from 1 and a half years to 6 years old

    Hours: 9:00 am to 18:00

    Jumbuck Ludoteca

Comprehensive school system

Comprehensive school system

Language development

Spanish, English and French

Comprehensive school system

Mathematical-logical thinking

Comprehensive school system

Sports training

Physical education, early stimulation and yoga

Comprehensive school system

Artistic formation

Music, dance and arts

Comprehensive school system

Technological formation

Comprehensive school system

Environmental education



Early estimulation

For babies age 5 to 12 ½ months old.
Early stimulation for babies at this age, helps strengthen the physical development and psychological-affective abilities of your baby, by building a harmonica relationship with their moms.


Level 1 (1 year and a half to 3 years old)
We flourish a sensory interplay through painting and dough sculpting where textures, color and movement help develop their motor skills and artistic expressions.

Level 2 (3 years and a half to 6 years old)
In this art workshop level, we will help kids develop their natural artistic talents, encouraging them the love and taste for art through mural painting, creating artistic projects, and learning how to research, explore and integrate acting skills to have social development and promote self-confidence.


Level 1 (1 year and a halt to 3 years old)
This level was designed to recognize sounds, rhythms and melodies through different musical instruments.

Level 2 (3 years and a half to 6 years old)
From this stage, kids will be able to develop the ability to incorporate elements: music, dance and musical instruments.


Level 1 (1 year and a halt to 3 years old)
Kids will discover shapes and words through our teacher’s readings and sounds, pictograms, and mimics. This technique will develop the habit of reading at young age.

Level 2 (3 years and a half to 6 years old)
Throughout a dynamic and fun educational strategy, our program will encourage your kids’ mental concentration by fomenting and strengthening the reading habit.


Level 1 (1 year and a half to 3 years old)
We’ll develop the first psychomotor abilities of your little one, discovering their body through rhythmic movements with music. Moreover, the connection with their parents will intensify.

Level 2 (3 and a half to 6 years old)
In this level your kids will learn to dance and coordinate through discipline. They will develop their firsts choreographies, encouraging them to be curious, creative and channeling future dancers.


Level 1 (1 year and a half to 3 years old)
We introduce children to sports through body awareness that meditation and ypga provide, and encouraging a closer relationship with the mother.

Level 2 (3 years and a half to 6 years old)
It will develop an interest in cultivating a healthy body, mind and soul. We also introduce kids to a good diet, along with mental and physical exercises.

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