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Kinder La Trobe we know that the first learning experience sets the foundation for our children’s development.
Our 3 main milestones are:

Espíritu empresarial la trobeEntrepreneurship
Idiomas La trobe Languages
La trobe- preervacion ambientalEnvironmental Education

At Kinder La Trobe, we believe that the key to future success is to forge entrepreneur kids. We nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship that they have within themselves and support their natural curiosity to discover, learn, try and appreciate the changes in the world around them through a bilingual learning

We enhance that curiosity and desire to learn from each child by promoting a bilingual learning process around common situations in their day-to-day life. Our activities involve small, easy and entertaining tasks which, gives them the security and confidence to develop planning skills; encouraging the spirit of entrepreneur kids. Summarizing, we enhance their development to organize a holistic thinking process through bilingual learning and environmental education. At Kinder La Trobe, we work with the children to develop languages as a basic tool of communication and socialization, focusing on bilingual learning. Starting in first grade, we work with the ability to communicate using a second language: English, using the AMCO method. It is based on a fully bilingual learning program including activities where they learn by playing, singing and experiencing.

At Kinder La Trobe, we also work with values. We teach respect and tolerance towards peers, with the help of a healthy environmental education. In addition, at Kinder La Trobe we promote conservation programs and teach our children to love the environment around them and encourage the desire to preserve it.

Our Program:

Kínder La Trobe Jumbuck offers a quality education where your children will be living experiences that meet the needs of the current generation.

    Comprehensive educational solutions:
  • Learning programs that develop multi-task profiles.
  • Use of technology that enables the teaching-learning process and keeps the children motivated.
  • Multiple intelligences development
  • Strengthening of emotional intelligence
  • Diverse teaching tools
  • Development skills
  • Bilingual learning
  • Environmental education
  • Critical thinking activities
  • Cooperation
  • Graphic organizers
  • The learning of English as a first language, through an AMCO approach - CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Our commitment is to educate bright entrepreneur kids who are responsible for their own education. We will develop their leadership according to their own talents using the help of a multi-task profile. Through our program, we enhance the development of their skills for life. We will emphasize on the bilingual learning, which will lead to an effective coexistence in the global community.

Entrepreneur kids:

The word entrepreneur is associated to someone who starts developing a successful business model from an idea; however, it must be embedded with innovation, an essential tool for success.

At Kinder La Trobe we know that for entrepreneur kids there are no age, sex, cultural or socioeconomic limitations. That is why we work with the natural instinct of children to explore new horizons. We also think that children are more likely to become entrepreneur kids as their most outstanding features are: discipline, humility, respect, excellence, creativity and even innocence, which will help them plan and project unconditionally with greater chances of being successful.

We forge entrepreneur kids who have the desire to grow and develop, get good grades, express their knowledge and even work on their competitive skills.

We provide the perfect environment to strive in their proactivity, social awareness, teamwork, finances and personnel management, in addition to leadership in this early age. We are confident that if they are developed in a business context and bilingual learning environment, the children will be more likely to create and develop ideas for future projects.

“Both, parents and our professional staff, will guide and inspire each child with entrepreneurial ideas to promote their abilities and emotional intellect, in addition to strengthening their problem solving skills, decision making process and positive thinking when facing any contingency or failure” (Quote by John Moreno, Coordinator of Educational Technology of AMCO, a leader in research, development and implementation of educational methodologies).

We promote the habit of effort among the entrepreneur kids, demonstrating the importance of perseverance to achieve goals. Also, we encourage them to strengthen their resistance to frustration.

Our learning model is simple and multi-skilled, enabling the possibility of educating bright, happy, confident and prepared entrepreneur kids

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